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This blog was originally for my tutorials..I have stopped writting tutorials for a while, but my old tuts are still here.. This is where i will share allmy CT tags and Snags that you are welcomed to save to yourcomputer and use them in your groups.Please do not rip apart and please do not claim as your own. Thank you

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

New tutorial/Out of the blue Forum set/No scraps

Out of the Blue/2 piece forum set
 tutorial written on March 2nd, 2014


Supplies needed
Tube of your choice Im using the beautiful art of Jennifer Janesko
you can purchase her tubes Here at CDO
my supplies here
font used in tag word art Fairy tale and name Vujahday Flourish
open up a new 650x250 transparent image
change your foregroud color to #6086a4
and background color to #0c428e
in your materials make a gradient with the fg and bg colors
flood fill your image.
copy and paste your tube as a new layer resize as needed.
go back to your bg layer Selections/select all/modify/contract
by 6 selections/invert add a new raster layer and change your foreground
color to #2c7ce3 and your bacground color to #eff8fc
with this new gradient flood fill this layer.
select none.
Effects/texture effects width=2,opacity=41 horizontal and light from top
checked. color white
bring this layer to the top.
Selections/select all/modify/contract by 2 this time add a new layer
flood fill with #2c7ce3
select none.
go back to your first border layer..and duplicate 2 times for a total of 3 layers
you can rename these if you want.
go back down to the first border layer..effects/Xenofex2 contellation
with these settings
hit ok.
use the same settings on the 2 copies just hit random seed each time
leave that for now.

go back down to your bg layer..copy and paste the twink border
that i put in the supplies for you. i also added a gradient glow to this
go to your selection tool/rectangle
draw out a rectangle in the middle of this border.(see my tag)
add a new raster layer. flood fill with #c0d8ef
selections/select none.
change your bg color to #001945 type out your saying or you can just add
your name here.
i added a gradient glow with this color #c0d8ef (optional)
i put the word art i used in the supplies you can use this if you want
ok we are setting up more animation so go back to your bg layer
make a new raster layer..and with your twink picture tube in psp
put some twinks on your tag..i put like 5 on this layer.
add a new layer and put 4 more twinks on your tag just not over the others
placement is your choice.
you can keep adding layers and twinks thats up to you..i only did 3 since
i only have 3 layers for the bg animation. just play around til you find something
you like
once you are done with this you can add your name and cr/license info to your tags
its time to animate :)
Open animation shop
x the two copies of your constellation layer and your twink layers
un x the first one..copy your tag
bring over to animation shop paste as a new animation
back to psp , x out those contellation and twink layers, un x the second
layers. copy your tag take to animation shop and paste after current frame
and do the same steps , back to psp x out those layers and un x the
last layer.
once your happy with your animation you can save your tag :)
now on to the avatar part of the set.
open up a new image 150x150
follow the same steps on the borders with your avatar as
you did with the banner..same steps with the filters and all.
i just did new layers and added twinks like we did in the banner
and added my initial.
if you have any questions dont hesitate to contact me .
thanks for trying my tutorials.