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Friday, June 13, 2014

New tutorial Beware of the Dogs

Beware of the Dogs
 tutorial written 6/13/14
supplies needed
psp any version
font used Beware of the dog you can get it at
eye candy gradient glow(optional)
Xero- Greytinter
WSL_mask363 you can download here 4th mask down
Dees Paws-itively template you can get this here on her blog

Dogs Time scrapkit by Bibi you can purchase kit ScrapsnCompany
Dogstime tube by the Hunter which you can also purchase at scrapsncompany.
K lets get started :)
open up your template in psp
shift D to duplicate the temp, x out the original
Delete the cr layer, all the word art , the paw, small circles
top and bottom torquise strip, bottom and top aqua strip and the bottom
white and yellow circle.
Resize your canvas 750x 750 we can resize later
Whew ok we can continue.
start on your bg layer, paste element 31(the fence) resize by 70%
apply WSL_mask363 to this element.
paste element 49 as a new layer, resize by 70% move to the very bottom
apply the same mask again. Use your deform tool to pull down right up
under the yellow oval. (see my tag for refrence)
ok now back to the template
Yellow oval paper 9
right turquoise layer paper 12
orange square paper 3
i used a gradient glow size 3/color black, this is optional you can use a
drop shadow or other gradient.
top yellow square paper 7
i added the same glow to this layer
delete original layers.
select paper 7layer again, selections/select all/float/defloat
copy your tube as a new layer and move to where only one of the dogs
faces are showing (see my tag for placement) selections/invert hit delete on
tube layer. select none.
white border flood fill with black. delete original
copy and paste your tube as a new layer again, resize by 80% move over
to the right just a tad. add a drop shadow Vertical and horizontal 2
opacity 43 ,blur 5 color black.
go back to the dog you have in the top square and delete any other part
of the tube you dont want there. duplicate the dog, on the original adjust/blur
gaussian blur /radius 10
on the top dog layer go to xero/greytinter
all settings set to 0 hit ok change to hard light in your layer palette.
back on your square layer , selections/select all/float/defloat and paste
element 31 (the fence) resize by 70% , selections/invert and hit delete on your

add same drop shadow as before.
add element  65 as a new layer resize by 50%
move to the right.

element 8 resize by 30 % and then again by 80% place on element 65
add element 78 , image/flip and move down
last add element 80 the beware sign. resize by 80%
we are all finished, at this time go ahead and add your cr info
and license number. and your name.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial would love to see your results.