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This blog was originally for my tutorials..I have stopped writting tutorials for a while, but my old tuts are still here.. This is where i will share allmy CT tags and Snags that you are welcomed to save to yourcomputer and use them in your groups.Please do not rip apart and please do not claim as your own. Thank you

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Friday, October 2, 2015

**Animation Settings** Tutorial with pics

So i've been meaning to do this because a few people have been asking what settings I use in animation shop..So decided to just go ahead and post here, I'm not afraid to take what i learned and pass it on to someone else lol..but seriously I have learned through the years of doing animation shop from various people on the internet so its with just playing around with settings..So this for who ever wants to know how is how I do my settings..There are times when my tags still don't come out the way I want them but I just keep messing with settings til i get what i like and if not the tag doesn't get animated that time LOL. Ook So here goes

A few tips before the actually settings.

1. this will work for your darker color tags..usually if i put a mask behind the tag (and its a dark color)  i put a white gradient glow and then it still shrinks down your mask a little but its a mask and nobody really notices on the finished tag.

2. I always type out the text in psp then take it to animation shop and copy and paste it there, then add it to the tag..then save the tag with these settings , after you save that first tag undo the optimize settings by going to edit undo optimize animation. then add the next name and keep doing this.You dont want to optimize over an optimized tag again because it makes it grainy.

3. Once again these settings are for your darker this when you have your tag in animation shop and before you save the tag.

4. and i also learned from Vix that if you save your tag in mng format without the name on it or course you can open it up and have the tag saved with the settings you had before you closed it out.

After your tag is complete and you go to save this box will pop up this is where you will start optimizing your tag

hit Customize

Go over to Optimizations

Then over to Partial Transparency
with these settings for lighter colored tags

Use this setting for your darker colored tags

click ok and keep hitting next to the end..This will optimize your tag...
I hope this helps !! and alot of times if my tag is still grainy i just play around with the settings until i come up with something i like. :)